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Naastbos Dutch Beer


The beer brand refers to the Mastbos, a beautiful forest in the vicinity of Breda. In our youth we spent a lot of time in the forest, but even now we take a weekly walk through this nature reserve to relax from the busy city life.


During one of our walks in the Mastbos (in October 2018) we, as beer lovers, came up with the idea to start our own beer brand. During this walk we were already fantasizing about the logo, the bottles, type of packaging, etc. First we experimented in our own kitchen with different beers and flavors.


At the end of this walk we knew one thing for sure; we are going to name the beer after the forest where we were hiking at the time. After all, thankfull to this forrest we came up with these  ideas. In the past two years we have been in discussions with several breweries. We have made various brews with all kinds of ingredients, in search of the real Naastbos beer. As far as we are concerned, the chocolate beer was a real hit! That is why we have chosen to start with white and dark chocolate flavors, including more information about the Mastbos in Breda, definitely worth a visit!



The Mastbos is the oldest culture forest in the Netherlands with a lot of history. Count Henry III of Nassau-Breda, of our royal family, built the forest from 1515.

The name Mastbos is said to refer to the long, straight trunks used for the masts of boats. Over the centuries, the Mastbos has supplied wood for the construction of castles and trading ships.

In the 19th century, the Mastbos was, among other things, a hunting ground for the Dutch royal family. Until 1899 the forest belonged to our royal family, after which the Dutch government became the new owner.

Between the ancient trees of the Mastbos in Breda is a ranger's path, which takes you along a wealth of natural history and animals: pine martens, deer, foxes, hedgehogs and squirrels and a variety of birds.

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Naastbos Dutch Beer


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